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As a fan, you’re no longer interested in just watching your favorite performers. You want to see behind the scenes, to connect with them in live streams that let you be a part of the performance.

As a broadcaster, you’re done with providing premium content for free. You want to give people the shows they’ve always wanted, and still make enough money to keep doing what you love.

Featuring micro transactions, free and pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand, Halogen is the premium live streaming app that connects broadcasters to fans.

Light it up and get paid.


  • Stream live to your fans and grow your social media following
  • Earn coins when users buy access to your premium content
  • Explore live video from the hottest broadcasters
  • Interact with broadcasters and viewers in real-time

Halogen is the premium live streaming app that connects streamers to fans. Light it up.

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