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Why Social Good Is the New Black: 5 Companies Giving Back

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The 2010 Edelman good purpose global study showed that consumers favored buying products that supported charitable causes. In fact, 87 percent of Americans surveyed said business owners should consider community and corporate interests on equal terms. More for-profit businesses are adapting a nonprofit mentality and discovering that social good is a profitable investment. Here are […]

40% of Investigated Trafficking Cases Involve Children

A report from United States Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) shows that nearly half – 48 percent – of human trafficking allegations investigated between January 2008 and June 2010 involved allegations of adult prostitution, the Bureau said; 40 percent of cases pursued during that same time period involved children. The report, Characteristics of Suspected Human […]

5 New Hobbies for Fun and Inspiration

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Hobbies add light to your world, literally. Recent functional MRI tests used to detect small changes of blood flow in the brain found that certain areas “light up” when people partake in a hobby. The 15-year research of Southern Illinois University Professor Howard E.A. Tinsley also found hobbies to be a holistic health infusion for people of […]

4 Tips to Choosing The Right Charity for You

With a world in crisis – from drought, to poverty, to trafficking – there are so many excellent causes to give to and volunteer for. But it can also be overwhelming and easy to over-commit. How does one go about choosing which charity to invest in? Here are four ways to find the charity that […]